The International Certifications of The Travel Institute, USA


CTA – Certified Travel Associate

For new joinees of the Travel & Tourism Industry and Front line Service professionals


Welcome to the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) Program

Are you looking to grow your sales, enhance your value with clients, improve your efficiencies, and make yourself more marketable?

The Travel Institute’s CTA course gives you the tools and knowledge to accomplish all those things and much more.


What You Will Learn

The curriculum was written by subject matter experts and covers 15 critical areas of study designed to teach you how to be the very best travel professional. The learning experience is in-depth, thought-provoking, and delivered in a variety of blended learning formats. The CTA program is a practical, real-life approach to your on-the-job success.


Professional Skills Modules

  • Business Ethics
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Customer-Focused Selling
  • The Art of Listening and Communicating
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Understanding Customer Needs


Practical Skills Modules

  • How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud
  • Planning Itineraries
  • Selling All-Inclusive Resorts
  • Selling Escorted Vacations
  • Selling Special Interest Travel
  • Touring the World
  • Travel Insurance


Duration of the Certification: The CTA Certification can be completed in 6 months with coaching facilities available at the Institute.

Certification: Successful candidates achieving a minimum of 70% will be considered as passing graduates.

The Certificate will be issued by The Travel Institute, USA.

Learning Investment: AED4000

Self study option: AED2000

CTC – Certified Travel Counselor

For Managers and Senior Travel Professionals with Leadership responsibilities


Recognized as the gold standard in the travel industry for more than 50 years, the CTC program has been totally rebuilt with fresh content. The course focuses on management skills that today’s travel professionals need to be successful.


Product Description

The learning toolbox that makes up the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) program prepares you to face the new demands of today’s travel managers.

Each of the online course topics build upon each other – and you will see how the courses create a complete management preparation program.


What You Will Learn

Each core topic is supplemented with additional reading, interactive exercises, and travel related management topics.

  • Even everyday business changes like converting from one GDS system to another, or rebranding your company involve a series of tasks and steps in order for the change to be successful. The Negotiating course will help you set the groundwork for obtaining the best position for your company in any situation, and the Project Management course enables you be able to handle the HOW of changes you will face. Accounting Fundamentals will help you better understand “the bottom line.”

  • Developing strong co-workers, employees and a cohesive team involves guiding, encouraging and supporting them in their growth. Coaching and Mentoring and Team Building skills in this course will give you the confidence to build a strong company. Creativity will help you find new ways of doing business and getting the most from your staff.

  • Knowing how your employees and co-workers think and “operate” and how to get the best work from these people is the essence of Conflict Management, DISC Behavior Training and Emotional Intelligence training. Using these personnel skills will soon have your company working as a well-oiled machine.


Duration of the Certification: The CTC Certification can be completed in 9 months with coaching facilities available at the Institute.

Certification: Successful candidates achieving a minimum of 70% will be considered as passing graduates.

The Certificate will be issued by The Travel Institute, USA.

Learning Investment: AED9500

Self study option: AED5500

CTIE – Certified Travel Industry Executive

For Agency Owners and Senior Managers


The newly redesigned Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) program is a bold collection of courses and online training focused on the critical skills that today’s travel professionals need to succeed. Graduates will learn how to grow their business while earning recognized industry credentials.

The CTIE certification is parallel to the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) certification, thus, representing the pinnacle of travel industry professionalism for seasoned travel professionals who are interested in advancing their career.

NEW: It is no longer a prerequisite to earn the CTA designation or test out of CTA prior to enrolling in CTIE.

The CTIE program is perfect for travel professionals in non-consumer sales roles such as:


  • Suppliers
  • Host agency executives
  • Consortia leaders
  • Marketers
  • Internet travel executives
  • Back of office accountants
  • IT support staff


The new CTIE curriculum covers these five core competencies:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service


To earn the CTIE, travel professionals must:

  • Possess at least 5 years of full-time industry, management, or business experience
  • Complete a 2000-3000 word White Paper (White paper guidelines can be found here.)



The final proctored test will consist of 10 essay questions: For each core competency there will be 2 questions – one will be based on the mandatory course and the other allows candidates to apply knowledge gained from the other courses and personal experience.


The White Paper

CTIE candidates are required to complete a White Paper on a topic of their own choosing as part of the program. This is an excellent time to write on a topic in which they are interested or in which they have a passion.


The CTIE program can be completed between 6-9 months.



Successful candidates will be issued The CTIE Qualification Certificate by The Travel Institute, USA.

Learning Investment: AED9500

Self Study Option: AED5500 (Includes 5 days Workshop and Orientation)